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Letter of Consent

In this Letter of Consent;


"Personal data" shall refer to any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person (Employee), including those covered in his personal file,


"Personal data of special nature" shall refer to an individual's (Employee's) personal data relating to racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, philosophical beliefs, religion, sect or other beliefs, clothing, membership of association, foundation or trade union, health, sexual life, criminal conviction and security measures, as well as data on biometrics and genetics,


"Processing of personal data" shall refer to any operation which is performed on personal data such as collection, recording, storage, preservation, alteration, rearrangement, disclosure, transfer, takeover, making retrieval, classification or preventing its use, fully or partially through automatic means or provided that the process is a part of any data registry system, through non-automatic means;


"Data processor" means a natural or legal person, who processes personal data on behalf of the data controller based on his authorization.


For purposes of replying questions related to the employment relation between Employee and DyDo Drinco Turkey ("Company"); managing and arranging activities of the Company; making performance assessment correctly and objectively; ensuring and supervising legal compliance and assuring corporate and administrative management; if required by the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No.6698 and other laws and regulations on the protection of personal data, the Turkish Civil Aviation Act No.2920 and under the conditions stipulated in the related legislation; provided that standards related to information security and protection of personal data are considered and based on the principles indicated in the legislation; the Employee accepts, declares and commits as at 07/04/2016, the effective date of this Letter of Consent, as follows:

  • Employee's personal data can be kept, processed, used or transferred by the Company or the data processor assigned by the Company in the common database established by the Company;
  • Within this framework, his personal data may be transferred to third parties which the Company provides services to or vice versa; group companies, shareholders, affiliates and subsidiaries; to banks and institutions when necessary and/or upon the request of the Employee; and his personal data may also be processed by these companies, banks, institutions and agencies on condition that due protection is ensured;
  • Employee may be contacted via SMS, telephone, internet, e-mail and other means of communication within the country and from abroad for all of the above-mentioned purposes;
  • Even when the employment contract terminates for any reason, his personal data may be preserved by the Company to fulfill legal obligations, for the period stipulated by laws or required for the purposes of data processing or when necessary for legitimate interests of the Company provided that the periods stipulated in Laws are complied with;
  • Camera surveillance systems are installed in the Company premises to meet the requirements of security, laws, regulations and 27001 Information Security Management System. Employee knows that he is recorded indoors and outdoors while he is in the Company premises. Employee knows that he is monitored by his supervisors and/or third persons designated by his supervisors through such camera recording systems; he gives and declares his explicit consent, and commits as such.


Company may process Employee's personal data of special nature regularly under the conditions and for purposes explained below. Upon a request of any further information or document, Employee shall provide such information and data in the period of time specified:

  • To satisfy the legal obligations related to the employment of the Employee; to preserve in the personal file during the legal periods; if necessary to apply for Entrance Card or if a new request is filed by authorized administrative agencies;
  • Conditions which are explicitly defined in the Laws and regulations on the Protection of Personal Data and under which personal data of special nature can be processed;
  • If personal data of special nature must be processed to establish, use or protect a certain right;
  • If necessary for internal, domestic or international security and confidentiality or if demanded as such by the related judicial or administrative authorities;
  • If such data must be processed to evaluate equality of opportunities in the company and to treat the employees holding the same position equally;
  • If such data must be shared with Judicial Authorities, Courts and Public Offices and Institutions which are entitled to demand personal data legally;
  • Internal organizations such as meetings and events;
  • Reports to be delivered and analyses to be conducted for senior management, Turkish Employment Agency, Turkish Statistical Institution or Social Security Institution as well as other public agencies and institutions, if they have any such request;
  • For miscellaneous human resources practices;
  • Sharing medical emergencies, blood type and other medical information if deemed necessary;
  • When necessary for monitoring sick leaves or monitoring the health conditions necessary for the Employee to perform his duties;
  • Archived criminal record, information about ongoing litigations or proceedings as well as judicial and administrative fines and other sanctions.


                Employee explicitly gives his consent to the processing of his personal data of special nature by the Company or third parties assigned by the Company including the data processor (also including healthcare professionals) and transfer of such personal data to the company management, necessary institutions and agencies or any third parties authorized by the Company for the above-mentioned purposes and commits to provide the information and document requested from him in the related periods of time.


                I declare to have been informed of that I am entitled to contact with my Employer at any time in accordance with Articles 10, 11 and other related provisions of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No.6698; access my personal data processed by my Employer; demand information on data processing; learn about why my personal data is processed and whether used accordingly; know the third persons which my personal data is transferred to domestically or abroad; to request, if processed deficiently or incorrectly, that my personal data be completed or corrected; to request deletion or destruction of my personal data despite having been processed in accordance with the related provisions of law in the event that the reasons for processing such data disappear; to demand that third parties which my personal data is transferred to are informed of the fact that I have exercised my right to correct or delete; object if analysis of the processed data exclusively through automated systems results against me in person; to demand compensation of my damages if I suffer any damage due to illegal processing of my personal data.