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Advantages Of Dealership

Conditions for Vendors

Saka provides customers natural mineral water that has not been altered in any way and whose normal seasonal changes have not been manipulated. If you wish to become a Saka vendor and think that you meet the following criteria, call at 444 72 52 now to apply.

Criteria for Vendors

• Possess the delivery infrastructure to meet the region's potential (store, vehicle, telephone, computer and delivery team).
• The sales and service training of the vendor's staff is carried out by Saka Water. Saka Water provides vehicle coverings, signboards, service staff uniforms, magnets and brochures free of charge to help vendors grow their businesses.

Saka Accessories
• Water Dispenser
• Vendor Signboard
• Saka service staff uniforms
• Magnets
• Water pump with Saka logo

Call now at 444 72 52 or your nearest Saka Vendor to subscribe to Saka Water. Start Enjoying the Joy of Saka.