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The Saka Hendek factory went into operation in 2004. It is a prominent water factory not only in Turkey but in Europe as well. Hands-free, state-of-the art production employs the highest hygiene standards. Saka Source of Health is a preferred brand abroad with its natural, balanced mineral content. It was the first to obtain a natural mineral water certification pursuant to the “Natural Mineral Water” regulation that was issued by the Ministry of Health within the scope of EU harmonization laws. The factory has an annual production capacity of 700 million liters. An additional production line worth $5 million was added within 18 months by maintaining investments in the factory between 2009-2010, and glass water bottle production commenced in 2014.

Saka Source of Health obtained the natural mineral water certificate from the SGS Institut Fresenius GmbH , the most respected accreditation laboratory in Europe, in 2005 for its sales abroad.
It received the Crystal Award after being bestowed the 3-Star Superior Taste Award from the International Taste & Quality Institute consecutively in 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Among A group brands, Saka is an outstanding and sodium dietary water that contains the ideal level of minerals required to maintain a healthy body. All-natural Saka is made of mineral values from its spring. Saka has achieved great penetration and success abroad with its optimum pH levels and calcium-magnesium balance. The company is now determined to repeat the accomplishments in all these countries in the domestic market.

Saka is available throughout the country in almost every single city, from Edirne to Hakkari. The company has adopted the principle of demonstrating the benefits of mineral water and “Saka Source of Health” by raising awareness about mineral water and sharing the reputation it has earned abroad.

New vendor applications are evaluated to add companies to our solid network of current vendors. We value all of our current and potential subscribers. While striving to gain new subscribers, we place emphasis on information and activities that benefit consumers and human health. Through campaign and promotional activities, we aspire to offer a mineral water that our subscribers and consumers can consciously consume to achieve a healthy, balanced life. Numbers become meaningful for us whenever public health is in question and when the numbers related to use of nutrient foods and alkaline water improve.

Saka Source of Health is the first ever certified natural mineral water. As such, it effectively pursues to deliver its hygienic and state-of-the-art products to consumers so as to help advance the quality of life for more people by encouraging them to drink mineral water.

Saka Water is the first ever natural mineral water in Turkey that complies with EU standards. Natural mineral water is clean water found at its source. It has not been altered in any way and its normal seasonal changes have not been manipulated.  Saka comes from the Keremali mountains in the Hendek district of Sakarya. It is available in 19-liter bottles in the Marmara, West Black Sea, Central Anatolia, Aegean and Mediterranean regions. The “Natural Health of Saka” is speedily delivered to consumers by trained personnel. Saka is available in 0.33-lt, 0.5-lt and 1.5-lt plastic bottles as well as in 5-lt and 10-lt bottles in stores and at dispenser-size water vendors.

Saka carries out production with a high annual production capacity under EU standards and fully hygienic conditions in the Sakarya factory. It utilizes the most advanced technology, away from agricultural lands and urban areas. One of the fastest operating bottling facilities in Europe belongs to Saka.